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RAC Bulletin 03-034E - Canadian Amateurs may lose part of the 220 MHz band

January 1, 2004

Date Thu, 01 Jan 2004 15:32:17 -0700
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Subject:  RAC Bulletin 03-034E - RAC Bulletin 03-034E - Canadian Amateurs may lose part of the 220 MHz band

After studying the spectrum needs of various services over the past 18 months, the Radio Advisory Board of Canada (RABC) has decided to recommend to Industry Canada that the 220-222 MHz band be transferred from the amateur to the mobile service. The RABC also recommends that:

- Amateur repeaters in this portion of the band be grandfathered to continue operation for a number of years, with the number to be decided by Industry Canada.

- A section of 150 kHz of spectrum in the 220-222 MHz band be designated as public service spectrum to be shared by amateur and mobile services for special public safety and disaster communications applications.

The band 219-220 MHz is allocated on a secondary basis to the Amateur service in Canada, which would be in harmony with a similar allocation in the USA.

The band from 222-225 MHz remains as a primary exclusive amateur allocation.

Following consultation with Canadian amateurs in a survey conducted in July 2002 RAC, as a member of the RABC, has vigorously opposed these proposed changes without success.

Industry Canada must now take this advice, together with input from RAC, decide on a course of action, and in all likelihood conduct a public consultation before issuing a decision.  The prospects do not look good.

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