Montreal Amateur Radio Club


Harmony Horse Trials - Saturday, July 3

10 Apr 2004

From: Ken Magee
Subject: Harmony Horse Trials date notice

Please note that the Harmony horse Trials cross country event will take place on Saturday, July the 3rd with an estimated start time (this means a bright and early start for us) at 8:00 am at the Beaulieu farms (old Windedge farms) in Ste-Justine-de-Newton.  All of you who would like to come and join the VE2LZR group in this event are invited to reply here so that we can get this very popular event on the go.  We would like to add that this event has been a Ham favorite for the past 10 to 15 years (can't recall the exact number actually... as there are to many of them).

You are welcome to advise any of your friends of this event, so they can come and join us and gain valuable operating experience...

Event details will follow.

Ken (VE2EXC) for the VE2LZR Group

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