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Harmony Horse Trials - Postscript 1

July 4, 2004

On Saturday, July 3, 12 Amateur Radio operators helped with communications at the Harmony Horse Trials in Ste. Justine de Newton at the Beaulieu Farms.

The following amateurs participated in this event which was organized by the St. Lazare Communications Group, VE2LZR.

  • Ron Campbell, VA2RJC
  • Margaret Dawson, VE2DXA
  • Ken Magee, VE2EXC
  • Gillian Magee, VE2EXX
  • Vernon Ikeda, VE2MBS
  • Jim Low, VE2PI
  • Stan Paticic, VE2QXP
  • Raymond Faguy,VE2SJA
  • Frank Torontour, VE2TOR
  • Jim Hay, VE2VE
  • Normand Pitre, VA3NHK
  • Mike Johl, VE3AET

The operators came from the following Clubs: The Montreal Amateur Radio Club, Prescott-Russell (Ontario) ARES, Western Quebec VHF-UHF Club (VE2RM Repeater Group), Covey Hill Amateur Radio Club and West Island Amateur Radio Club.

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