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Harmony Horse Trials - Postscript 2

July 4, 2004

I would like to thank, and the organizer of the Harmony Horse Trials event thank all of you for the wonderful day we had, no real problems occurred, (no one in public has found out about anyway) all went very well, including the fact that the Technical Diroctor had never worked with amateur radio operators before, boy did we ever surprise her, we even caught her in the wrong place a few times, not bad at all gang.

Anyway, all went well and better than the usual, no major accidents, even the girl who fell near the end was just winded a bit...

I was on the site today to do a few left over things and see a few friends do the stadium jumping part of the event and got very good feedback on our performance yesterday, the event is already in the planning for next yer....

73 de Ken (VE2EXC)

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