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April 2, 2005

To all MARC members,

As some of you may be aware, the club is currently supporting one of our members, Ron Campbell, in his effort to produce a video to promote the activities of amateur radio operators.

Ron and his team filmed our involvement in the St Patrick's Day Parade, and will film the Flemarket (April 9th) and the Jay Challenge at the end of July.

He is looking to interview a couple of you who can tell stories or anecdotes relating, but not limited, to the following themes:

Public service / emergency communication - How amateur radio operators work together with authorities and relief agencies to provide communications in times of need.  For example St Patrick's day Parade, stories about the recent tsunami, Nicobar islands, etc.

Technical or "Gee whiz" factor - one of the attractions of amateur radio operation is the equipment and "gadgets" that are used.  The equipment can be purchased or built from scratch for those inclined to tinker.  Interesting to technically inclined

Camaraderie - like any special interest, amateur radio has clubs where people meet, and exchange experiences, knowledge and have fun.

Radio skills - the technology needs to be able to function in a variety of contexts and conditions (weather, atmospheric).  To keep these skills sharp, amateur radio operators stage events such as the "Fox" hunt and triangulation exercises.

Chance conversations -The international scope of amateur radio means that you can wind up talking to anyone: kings, astronauts, people in remote or isolated places, etc.

If anyone has an interesting story that they would like to relate on camera, please send an email to along with a description of your story.

For information regarding the status/activities of the DVCAM-HAM production, go to site:  We attempt to keep it current.

Thanks for your help,

James R. Hay, VE2VE - Ron Campbell, VA2RJC

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