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Industry Canada Initiates a Public Consultation on BPL

July 29, 2005

Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2005 15:39:41 -0400
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Subject: RAC Bulletin 014-05 Industry Canada Initiates a Public Consultation on .

  Industry Canada (IC), with Canada Gazette Notice SMSE-005-05 dated 19 July 2005, has initiated the public consultation process for the introduction of BPL in Canada.  This consultation will decide the process by which BPL will be introduced in Canada, including the development of a new certification standard (ICES-00x) for medium voltage powerline carrier systems.  RAC will reply to this consultation paper both through the Radio Advisory Board of Canada (RABC), of which it is a member, and directly to IC.  RAC Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Jim Dean, VE3IQ, a member of the RABC executive, has been named chairperson of the Working Group (WG) formed under the RABC Electromagnetic Committee (EMC) to prepare the industry's response.  Joe Parkinson, VE3JG, will represent RAC on the WG. All comments on the questions in the consultation paper should be addressed to Joe Parkinson c/o the RAC office or direct via e-mail to   Comments to the RAC office or via e-mail direct should be sent prior to November 1 to be considered in the formulation of the RAC response to IC.

  For details, see the Canada Gazette notice at: and the "Latest News" page on the RAC web site at

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