Montreal Amateur Radio Club


M.A.B. Antenna work

August 28, 2005

Today a group of volunteers showed up at the Montreal Association for the Blind station to do some antenna repair work.  They had to take down the old tribander, VHF antenna, mast and rotor and as well do some work on the 40 and 80 metre dipoles.

They were:

  • Raymond Faguy, VA2RY
  • Paul MacDougall, VA2YQ
  • Earl Paris, VE2ESP
  • Nora Hague, VE2HAX
  • Juan Osorio, VE2ITZ
  • Leo Nikinnen, VE2SI
  • Patrik Boghosian, VE2UNO
  • James Hay, VE2VE

There will be another work party scheduled in the near future.

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