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M.A.B. Antenna work Part 2

November 7, 2005

From James R. Hay Sun Nov 6 22:21:31 2005
Date: Sun, 6 Nov 2005 12:49:10 -0500 (EST)
From: James R. Hay
Subject: Re: MAB antenna work

Thanks to Leo Nikkinen, VE2SI, Nora Hague, VE2HAX, Raymond Faguy, VA2RY, Ron Campbell, VA2RJC, Sheldon Werner, VA2SH, Earl Paris, Cliff Tooher, VE2TJL (and I was there too).  the ATB-34 has now been installed at the MAB and the three of the four support lines on the dipoles have been replaced as well as the attachment line.  Once we procure a mast section the VHF antennas will go up and the job will be complete.

Over the winter I suggest that we work on acquiring some wire and a balun and build new 40 and 80 metre dipoles for installation in the spring at which time I would like to replace the coax.  I believe that there is sufficent coax for this at the MAB already.  While there is nothing wrong with the existing coax I would prefer to remove the joint at the base of the tower which has a chassis mount female connector.

73, Jim

James R. Hay - VE2VE
Montreal Amateur Radio Club (VE2ARC)
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