Montreal Amateur Radio Club


Winter 2006 Exam results

April 9, 2006

Saturday, April 8, 2006

This morning, six new Amateur radio operators joined our ranks.  The following passed their exams administered by Sheldon Werner, VA2SH/AG4TG.

Congratulations to Michael Andronov, Fred Boulos, Mike Kusalic, Suzanne Lafontaine, Jim Laverdiere, Claude Vadnais.  Hope to speak to you on the air soon!

Many thanks to Steven Faguy, VA2SMF of the Concordia University Amateur Radio Club for getting us the room and to Sheldon Harvey, VE2SHW of Radio HF for providing us with the books for the course.

Also many thanks to Sheldon Werner for administering the exams this morning and to Ron Campbell, VA2RJC for coming to photograph this session.

Course Coordinator - Vernon Ikeda VE2MBS/VE2QQ
Assistant Course Coordinator - James R. Hay VE2VE

Photographs of this morning's exam session may be found at:

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