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St. Lazare Cyclo-Tour 2006 - May, 28, 2006.

May 29, 2006

The St. Lazare Cyclo-Tour ran on Sunday, May 28th under warm and sunny skies today with communications provided by the St. Lazare Communications Group with Amateur Radio operators provided by the Montreal Amateur Radio Club, The Western Quebec VHF-UHF Club - VE2RM, The West Island Island Amateur Radio Club, The Covey Hill Amateur Radio Club and the Club Radio Amateur Laval-Laurentides.  The repeaters used were the MARC Portable repeater and the VE2RM repeater.  As well, The CRA Laval Laurentides provided the portable mast.

There were around 1500 participants in this year's edition of the Cyclo-Tour.

The Amateur communications were organized by Ken Magee, VE2EXC and the following Amateur Radio operators participated:
Croyden Snowden (VA2CLS), Luc Doré (VA2KSH), Max Davies (VA2PMD), Carole Albert (VA2MOO), Providence Dubuc (VA2PRV), Ray Faguy (VA2RY), Steven Faguy (VA2SMF),Elisabeth Giethlen (VA2ZUT), François Daignaeult (VE2AAY), Mel Martin (VE2DC), Margaret Dawson (VE2DXA), Gillian Magee (VE2EXX), Nora Hague (VE2HAX), Ike Tamigian (VE2IKE), Jim Low (VE2PI), Pierre Provençal (VE2PPF), Richer Dubuc (VE2RDZ), Leo Nikinnen (VE2SI), Shirley Ovans (VE2SMO), Frank Torontour (VE2TOR), Howard Ikeda, Vernon Ikeda (VE2QQ), Stan Patacic (VE2QXP), Mike Johl (VE3AET).

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