Montreal Amateur Radio Club


Canada Day 2006 demo station

July 2, 2006

Yesterday the Montreal Amateur Radio Club demo station operated from the Canada Day site at Millenium Park in east-end Dorval.  This was the first year in a new location and while the site could have been better, it wasn't all that bad.

The following Amateur Radio Operators from the Montreal Amateur Radio Club and the West Island Amateur Radio Club either stopped by to chat or helped with the set-up/tear down of the station.

  • David Belyea, VA2AEQ
  • Costa Giampouranis, VA2BBC
  • Morrie Portnoff, VE2BWS
  • Mark Lesiak, VE2GVQ
  • Greg Stienstra, VE2JGS
  • Vernon Ikeda, VE2MBS/VE2QQ
  • Keith Glashan, VE2MTL
  • Pierre Provencal, VE2PPF
  • Frank Torontour, VE2TOR/VE2CII
  • James R. Hay, VE2VE
  • Terry Ladd, VE2WTQ
  • Michael Shaer, VE2XB

Many thanks to Michael Shaer, VE2XB for bringing his HF rig and to everyone who came out for an enjoyable day at Millenium Park.

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