Montreal Amateur Radio Club


2006-2007 Executive - Board of Directors.

October 28, 2006

At the Annual General Meeting of The Montreal Amateur Radio Club on October 25th, the following persons were elected to the following postions:

  • James R. Hay,  VE2VE,  President
  • Sheldon Werner, VA2SH,  Vice-President
  • Paul MacDougall,  VA2YQ, Secretary
  • Vernon Ikeda,  VE2MBS/lVE2QQ,  Treasurer
  • Ron Campbell, VA2RJC,  Director and Newsletter Editor
  • Craig Brander,  VE2YGK,  Director
  • John Grow,  VE2EQL,  Director
  • Nicholas Kalantzis, VE2WPT,  Director
  • Robert Paknys,  VE2JBP,  Director
  • Earl Paris,  VE2ESP,  Director

Many thanks to the two retiring directors, Don Dashney, VE3RM/VE2SH and Raymond Faguy, VA2RY/VE2SJA for the time that they have put in as directors.

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