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Scout Jamboree - July 23-August1, 2007

March 25, 2007

From: Gordon
Subject: Jamboree Canada 2007

Fellow Members,

The Covey Hill Amateur Radio Club is organizing an amateur radio station for Scouts Canada during the Canada Jamboree at Camp Tamracouta during the period of July 23d to August 1st 2007. Gordie Furey, VE2FGL is the Coordinator for the Club. Gordie, his wife Diane, VE2DTF and George McKell, VE2UGA will be staying on site during this event.

Camp Tamracouta is on the lake of the same name at Milles Iles near St-Jerome. The site is protected. It is one of the most beautiful sites in the Laurentians that is not open to outside development. It is anticipated that about 7000 Scouts and Leaders from Canada and around the world will camp under canvas at the Jamboree. The Club expects to establish an amateur radio post to demonstrate and to promote the hobby as well as offer the services of communications. Both VHF and HF activities will be set up, in addition to any others that may be available. Equipment, set-up crews and operators will be required.

Radio activities will take place during the period time from 10H00 until 20H00. The activities will include demonstrations, practice and communications. They may take place at the established site and around the camp at other activities.

It is evident that a large number of amateur radio operators will be required. A work schedule will be established. To participate in this event, because it is a youth activity, it will be necessary to submit to a Police Check for each individual. This is obtained by presenting oneself to a local Police Station (Municipal or SQ) with identification, explain the circumstances and request a "statement of clearance". There may be among our Members and friends a number of Scouts who may want to participate both as Scouts and Radio Amateurs. There may be others who while unable to participate at the Camp, would be prepared to provide radio contacts with the Camp.

The Club will ask Industry Canada for a special call-sign. Gordie Furey may be contacted for additional information at ve2fgl at

Additional Information

Fellow Members, I am greatly relieved to be able to inform you that the original information that I sent to you is correct!. Darrell Bartraw, CJ07 Special Events Team Manager, confirmed with Gordie, VE2FGL that for the purposes of our project and attendance at Camp Tamaracouta the only document that each one requires is the Police Check, the Vérification d'antVécVédents criminels. Present yourself to a Police Station with appropriate identification, explain what you are going to be doing and request the document of verification.

The interview process is for those who will be Scout leaders and volunteers with the Scouts. The radio amateurs will be a designated group on site. I presume that we will be restricted to certain activities areas. I hope that this clarifies the question! Any additional questions may be directed to Gordie, VE2FGL at ve2fgl at

Gordon, VA2BGT President CHARC

Further information to follow.

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