Montreal Amateur Radio Club


This year was the One hundred and eighty third consecutive St. Patrick's Day parade and Amateur Radio operators provided communications at this year's event for the fourth year in a row.  Communications was provided by the following amateur radio operators:

Jim Nagle, KF4OD; Ronald Campbell, VA2RJC; Steven Faguy, VA2SMF; François Daigneault, VE2AAY; John Grow, VE2EQL; Guy Foster, VE2HVZ; Ike Tamigian, VE2IKE; Matt Salenius, VE2MTA; Vernon Ikeda, VE2QQ; Suzanne Thauvette, VE2SZN; Frank Torontour, VE2TOR; James Hay, VE2VE and Nick Kalantzis, VE2WPT

The amateur radio communications was organized by James R. Hay, VE2VE and Vernon E. Ikeda, VE2MBS/VE2QQ from the Montreal Amateur Radio Club and amateurs from the Montreal Amateur Radio Club (VE2ARC) and the West Island Amateur Radio Club (VE2CWI) participated.

Photographs by John Grow, VE2EQL

Photographs by Ron Campbell, VA2RJC

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